HaxeFlixel, or an easy way to put your game everywhere

I had some free time lately, so I have started playing with a multiplatform 2D game engine. It is not the first time I try to do something like this (I have tried MOAI before) but this time it looks like I'm actually gonna finish something... maybe.

And all because I've found out about this gem: HaxeFlixel.

Haxe Flixel Logo

It is free software and it let's you create 2D games in no time that run almost everywhere. You can find a more elaborated pitch in their site. It is cool and easy, it may not be the best option for tremendously ambitious games, but it is perfect for the smartphone style games that I have in mind.

I've started studying it, and I've been working on the tutorial game. You can find the code in GitHub.

It may look like this is quite useless since the code of the tutorial is already on their official GitHub account. Ok, fair enough but I've uploaded it because I've changed the game to use maps generated with Tiled instead of the Ogmo editor they use. That is the only difference, but it may be useful for someone.

Why Tiled? Well, Ogmo only works in Windows, while Tiled has a version for Linux. Also, to be honest, Tiled looks more polished and complete.

So in case of someone wanting to learn HaxeFlixel without using Windows/Ogmo, my repository is available for reference.

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