Building a cheap playseat out of IKEA furniture

I've recently bought a driving wheel for my gaming PC, which I have in my living room connected to the TV. So I had to find a solution to anchor the wheel and drive comfortably.

Looking at the prices of regular playseats, I rapidly started thinking out alternatives, for the sake of my wallet. I currently had a chair that has a similar shape, so I tinkered with it and added a removable surface to attach my driving wheel. My chair is not actually from IKEA, mine is a ripoff sold by Lidl, but you can buy it from IKEA for 60€ (or $79) at the moment of writing this. It's the POÄNG chair.

Full disclaimer: Since I'm a very clumsy individual, I had a lot of help from my father when building this.

The best way to understand the mod is to see it, so here it goes:

Cheap Playseat side view

As you can see in the image, I've added a surface to attach the wheel and made that surface removable.

Cheap Playseat top view

I've used some aluminium profiles that I had laying around. I've attached the rectangular tubes to the chair with some screws that also work as a stop for the sliding profile. I made a angle out of wood to separate the flat surface from the chair to a confortable distance for the wheel, and I attached it to the aluminium profiles, also with screws. The wood angle has some wood glue and screws, but to make it even stronger I added a steel angle to it, I took them from some old kitchen furniture (yes, the whole thing is made out of scraps, we're going cheap here).

Cheap Playseat sliding mechanism

As shown in the photo, this contraption allows me to slide the whole thing up and remove the added surface, which is great in order to be able to seat without being a contortionist. Also, when removed, the chair is still usable.

Cheap Playseat without the wheel surface

Almost like brand new!

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