Atom plugins for Python and Javascript developers

Atom has become my editor of choice. It works really well and it's built on top of Javascript, so I obviously fell in love with it instantly. I work mostly with Python and Javascript, and these are the plugins that I use on a daily basis.



The base plugin for linting in Atom is linter. It's a modular approach to the linting problem. That plugin is the engine where subplugins run.

For python I use linter-flake8 that applies PEP8 and pyflakes validation to your code. It requires flake8 to be present in your system.


For great autocompletion in Python projects I use autocomplete-python, it's powered by Jedi. It requires some per-project configuration but it works like a charm.


I work a lot with Django, but the only plugin I really need it's proper syntax highlighting for its templates, which I achieve with language-python-django-templates.



Again, I rely on linter for static verification. In Javascript there are several popular validators:

My personal choice is JSLint, but I want to give ESLint a try someday.


Ember.js is my favorite client-side framework. It uses Handlebars as its template engine. I use linter-handlebars for template linting and Handlebars for syntax highlighting.


I also use linter-csslint to make sure my CSS files are correct, and color-picker to help me choose the right color.


Minimap provides a preview of the file in the scroll bar, it's great for quickly scrolling to the section of the file you want to edit.

File-icons really helps figuring out which file is which without needing to look at the file extension, and makes the editor look pretty damn good too.

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